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Fetch+ 4

Fetch+ 4 is an electric cargo box bike that helps you carry a lot, connect with your kids, and even replace your car. Confidently carry up to five children (max. box weight of 175 lbs.) thanks to the powerful boost of the Bosch smart system and best-in-class handling and stability. This bike is designed to grow with your family, and offers multiple configuration options for carrying your most precious cargo as your needs shift over time. - Fetch+ 4’s low center of gravity and cable steering deliver a stable, ultra-confident ride and exceptional handling and control no matter how much you're carrying or where you're riding - Customize your ride with options like a child bench, infant seat adapters, and a fully-enclosed rainfly - The two included Trek child seats have five-point harnesses, wobble-preventing headrests, and three recline positions (upright, chill mode, and sleep mode) - The MIK HD rear rack is rated to carry an additional child seat — plus it's compatible with other MIK accessories and bags - The Trek Fetch dual-pivot kickstand keeps the bike stable and steady while loading and unloading kids and cargo and is super easy to engage and disengage—even while fully loaded
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